Simplify and secure your sales

The use of mobile devices for payment and receipt printing will not only create a modern and professional store image for your customers but also become the way of delicate Marketing. So that store image will be virally spread by your customers and stay longer in their "subconscious"

"Lots of customers are enjoying the new image of the store. There is no longer complaints about the mistake and the transparency at the payment stage. The percentage of customers returning has been raised since EZPOS was applied."

Toan Le - Owner of Bac Viet Cafe

Manage and Accelerate sales

Whenever sale occurs, information will be recorded. We provide smart, multi-dimensional and detailed report to keep track of your sales. It will give you valuable insights to improve the system, to make quick and accurate business decision.

"No more notebooks, calculation in the end of the day. The reports are full and up to date, saving us a lot of time compared to the past. Right now, we need to focus on our customer only."

Ha Le - Owner of Wrap & Roll

Ready to sell fast

Start selling as soon as you download the app. Purchase process becomes easier and more speedy with friendly design interface, adapted to any device.

"Less time to make an order thank to using EZPOS, staffs are happy too as lot of works has been reduced"

Dieu Linh CEO/Aroi Desert Cafe

tang toc do tinh tien

Take care of your business

All the tools you need for payment, receipt printing, functional report, customer Loyalty and Rewards and more are available in your hand. Remote management through your mobile device will enable you to view and follow up stores' performance in real time.

"Instead of being at the store, I can be informed who has just arrived, who is paying the bill, what the order was as well as the end of day turnover, all on my mobile phone!!!!"

Ms.Hen Shopkepper/Bakery

"How simple the interface is! We are ready in just 1 morning."

Bach Hong Son CEO/ Oribeans Coffee

How simple the interface is! We were ready in just one morning.
Bach Hong Son
CEO / Oribeans Coffee
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