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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZPOS?

EZPOS is the software use for billing, printing receipt for customer, keeping track of sales, customer's transactions on mobile devices.

Which store can use EZPOS?

EZPOS can be used in many business type as follows: Coffee, Milktea, Restaurant, Diner, Bakery, Fast food shop, Takeaway, Hair Salon, Spa, Fashion shop, Clothing store,...

Why should I use EZPOS?

EZPOS helps you speeding up billing process with total accuracy to create a professional image with customers. With strong graphical visualisation and analysis dashboard available on mobile devices, it can help you quickly grasp the situation at the store. Setting up stores management is simple and convenient. Consulting historical billing data can with multidimentional view can help you gain more insights about your business and customers.

What do I need to start?

You can start trying EZPOS immediately with any device you have (example: computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet,…) and an internet connection. All the other hardwares: bill printer, barcode scanner, stamp printer or cash drawer,… can be optionally added later..